a very special project

a case study

Future Puppet News (FPN) combines some of my favorite subjects in one fantastic kids show: puppets, education + space. The show revolves around a puppet news team that travels through time (thanks Chronodoppler!) to bring the past and future to reality. 

This one was a doozie! The entire series was shot solely on green screen–allowing me to develop + design all of space + time–from 17th century Japan to the year 3029. This started with 10-12 custom illustrated backgrounds per episode. Working closely with the director, these digital sets were seamlessly integrated into the FPN world to bring history to life. Other assets included: graphic overlay package, post-production character development (the Chronodoppler strikes again) + YouTube thumbnails.

Once ready to set sail into the realm of digital distribution, we needed promotional materials. I worked on character profile cards + episode release graphics. All created for multiple social platforms–the rise of Instagram Stories made this extra fun. E-newsletters targeted toward our educator audience + printed stickers, buttons + t-shirts were distributed for our Comic-Con crowd. It doesn't stop there! FPN was ready to make the leap to network broadcasting. A pitch deck was designed to send our Puppet Pals to the big wigs at Dreamworks, Cartoon Network + Amazon Kids.

All together, the designs created a cohesive package that brought a little bit of extra star dust to the show.